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  • Research on Adhesive Selection of Hollow Glass Edges

    The construction of insulating glass is a unit member of a sealed and adhesive device at the distance from the glass. It is composed of two sealant layers for sealing moisture from the sealant. The moisture entering is absorbed by the desiccant in the frame, and the gas in the cavity is absorbed. Co...
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  • Learn about the difference between wired glass and ordinary glass

    Wire-bonded glass has the advantages of fire resistance, safety, and anti-theft performance. Compared with ordinary glass, wire-bonded glass has its unique advantages.Wire glass requires that the coefficient of thermal expansion of the wire (mesh) is close to that of the glass, and it is not easy to...
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  • The advantages of laminated glass

    Means to comply with national standards of laminated glass, tempered glass, and hollow glass made from them. Among these, the overall performance of laminated glass and hollow glass made of laminated glass is the best.In modern houses, the sound insulation effect is good, and it has become one of th...
    release time:2018-05-14   The number of clicks:42

  • How to control the temperature in tempered glass production process

    Temperature control is the central part of the tempered glass production process. It has an extremely important influence on the quality of the product. How to control the production process of tempered glass, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding and mastery of the temperature control pr...
    release time:2018-05-13   The number of clicks:44

  • Frequently Asked Questions in Glass Curtain Wall Testing

    The glass curtain wall, as the external protective structure of the building, must not only have a good appearance, but also have perfect physical properties in order to better serve the entire building system and create a comfortable and harmonious living environment for people.The physical perform...
    release time:2018-05-13   The number of clicks:46

  • Requirements for the use of laminated glass

    Due to its high impact strength and safety of use, laminated glass is suitable for doors, windows, ceilings, floors and partition walls of buildings; skylights of industrial plants; shop windows; kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, private houses, Villas, banks, jewellery stores, post offices, and o...
    release time:2018-05-07   The number of clicks:48

  • Market Analysis of Doors and Windows Industry

    The door and window market continues to develop and improve. More and more consumers are paying attention not only to product price, quality, after-sales service, but also to the brand's popularity and reputation. If the company still stays in the business philosophy of the past seller's mar...
    release time:2018-05-07   The number of clicks:45

  • The impact of the off-season gradually weakened

    The impact of the off-season approached the end, and the downstream demand gradually improved.Since June, with the northern climax of busy agriculture, and the beginning of the southern rainy season, the glass has entered the traditional low season, the downstream demand has gradually weakened, the ...
    release time:2018-05-07   The number of clicks:41

  • What is the difference between a glass curtain wall and aluminum alloy doors...

    Glass curtain wall, also known as building curtain wall, curtain wall, is a kind of façade frequently used in modern architecture. It is generally composed of metal, glass, stone and artificial board. It is installed on the outermost layer of the building and acts like a wall. Beautiful, windproof,...
    release time:2018-05-07   The number of clicks:26

  • The difference between insulating glass, laminated glass and ordinary double...

    First and foremost, all three are attributed to "multi-layer glass." Its structure includes: double glass, vacuum glass, and hollow glass.The so-called double glazing is to replace the single glass on the traditional doors and windows with two pieces of glass, because the air layer between...
    release time:2018-05-06   The number of clicks:40

  • Professional insulating glass e-commerce platform

    Glass not only promotes the flourishing development of science, but also changes the aspects of life. At present, smooth and translucent glass is widely used in commercial buildings. The appearance of the city is changed in the form of glass buildings, glass counters, glass windows, and glass curta...
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