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Learn about the difference between wired glass and ordinary glass

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Learn about the difference between wired glass and ordinary glass

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Wire-bonded glass has the advantages of fire resistance, safety, and anti-theft performance. Compared with ordinary glass, wire-bonded glass has its unique advantages.

Wire glass requires that the coefficient of thermal expansion of the wire (mesh) is close to that of the glass, and it is not easy to react with the glass. It has high mechanical strength and certain magnetic properties, and the appearance is clean and free of oil.

Wire glass is also called shatterproof glass. The wire glass is made by heating a general plate glass to a red-heat softening state, and then pressing the preheated wire or wire mesh into the glass center. The characteristics of the wire-bonded glass are excellent fire resistance, which can block the flame. When the high-temperature incineration is carried out, it does not crack, and it does not constitute debris when broken. In addition wire glass has anti-theft function, glass cut and barbed wire obstruction. Wire glass is mainly used for roof skylights and balcony windows.

Wire glass thickness is generally more than 5MM, the type of embossed wire, polished wire and colorful wire glass. Shapes include flat wire, wave wire and slot wire.

Wire-bonded glass is a kind of flat glass that is made by inserting metal wire or metal mesh into a glass plate by rolling method. It will only form radial cracks and will not break into the wound when it is impacted. Buildings and oscillating plants.

Wire glass is a type of safety glass. The pre-spun wire is pressed into softened red hot glass to form a wired glass. Wire mesh plays a reinforcing role in wire-bonded glass, so its flexural strength and temperature resistance are all higher than those of ordinary glass. Even if there are many cracks when broken, its fragments can still adhere to the wire, preventing it from splashing and hurting people. The bright color of the wire-bonded glass is suitable for ceilings and spaces in the living room, making the living space spacious and elegant and luxurious.

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