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  • Analysis of the key points of the glass curtain wall and countermeasures!

    The glass curtain wall is a beautiful and novel method of building wall decoration. It is a prominent feature of the modernist high-rise building era. However, if the glass curtain wall is not well built, it will bring a lot of problems. Today we will analyze the key difficulties of the glass curta...
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  • The difference between tempered glass and semi-tempered glass

    What is semi-tempered glassSemi-tempered glass is also called heat-enhanced glass. Semi-tempered glass is a kind of product between ordinary flat glass and tempered glass. It has some advantages of tempered glass, such as higher strength than ordinary float glass, which is twice that of ordinary flo...
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  • Tempered glass blew up How did this happen?

    The automatic explosion of tempered glass under the action of no direct mechanical external force is called self-explosion of tempered glass. Self-explosion is one of the inherent characteristics of tempered glass. There are many reasons for self-explosion, simply summarizing the following: 1 The ef...
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  • Glass curtain wall installation semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall install...

    In recent years, with the continuous development of urban construction, many urban buildings have adopted glass curtain wall construction methods. The good architectural effects of glass curtain walls have also been recognized by the general public. Below, we will introduce you to the half hidden gl...
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  • What is a glass curtain wall made of?

    The shiny, modern glass building is a landscape of a big city. Who created the facade of the building?Whimsical people are actually the most creative people. The original meaning of the window is the "hole on the wall." In 1919, some people wanted to expand the glass window indefinitely an...
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  • Do you know the difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass?

    As people's requirements for life become higher and higher, tempered glass comes into being and appears in different corners of life: glass of windows and doors in homes, auto glass, etc. are all used tempered glass, that is, tempered glass and ordinary glass. Where is the difference? What are t...
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  • Hollow glass energy-saving principle

    There are three types of heat transfer: convection heat transfer, heat transfer, and radiation heat transfer. Convective heat transfer is due to the presence of temperature differences in the gas, resulting in convection of the gas, driving the transfer of energy; heat conduction is the energy trans...
    release time:2018-06-03   The number of clicks:38

  • Exploring the fire treatment of glass curtain wall

    1 Fire characteristics of glass curtain wallsFirst of all, if the construction of glass curtain walls is unreasonable or if there are problems with the design of fire protection, once a fire breaks out, it will easily spread in both horizontal and vertical directions. Generally referred to as glass ...
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  • Glass demand increase is limited, price stability is mainly

    Today, the spot market of glass is stable and the production and sales of production companies have changed little, and the market price has risen up sporadically. Although the current production companies have adopted regional coordination meetings and have turned prices up in a row, the impact on ...
    release time:2018-05-28   The number of clicks:38

  • What are the characteristics and principles of hollow glass built-in shutter...

    What are the characteristics and principles of hollow glass built-in shutters? Recently, people are increasingly consulting on the Internet with built-in shutters for insulating glass. We are more interested in the characteristics and principles of the built-in shutters in insulating glass. Therefor...
    release time:2018-05-27   The number of clicks:43

  • Analysis of energy-saving reformation of existing glass curtain wall for imp...

    1, the former languageThe lack of motivation has become a drawing issue today. At the 1979 United Nations Conference on the Promotion of Science in Vienna, motivation was listed as one of the four major problems faced by humans: food, population, and the environment. At present, China’s economy is ...
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