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Professional insulating glass e-commerce platform

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Professional insulating glass e-commerce platform

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Glass not only promotes the flourishing development of science, but also changes the aspects of life. At present, smooth and translucent glass is widely used in commercial buildings. The appearance of the city is changed in the form of glass buildings, glass counters, glass windows, and glass curtain walls. It should be said that the hard glass can provide people with protection, and the glass is easy to clean, reducing a lot of cleaning troubles.

Not only that, but glass also provides more options for agricultural development. The use of glass greenhouses has not only improved the cultivation techniques of greenhouse vegetables, but more importantly, people can eat fresh vegetables all year round.

At present, the appearance of glass and its wide application have changed people’s lifestyles. Not only has the society provided microscopes, telescopes, barometers, thermometers, vacuum flasks, curved necks and other scientific instruments, it has also promoted human exploration of the natural and material world.

In short, the continuous development of modern glass technology has emerged such as hollow glass, tempered glass, bullet-proof glass, laminated glass, baked glass, and photovoltaic glass. Taking hollow glass as an example, the use of a wide range, but also the emergence of professional hollow glass e-commerce platform. Here, we first look at what is called hollow glass.

Related data shows that hollow glass is divided into two types: single silver low-emission LOW-E insulating glass and double silver low-emission LOW-E insulating glass. With high light transmission, low reflection, high heat insulation and other characteristics, it has a high visibility for the long-term visibility of visible light, no serious glare light pollution due to the high reflection of visible light, good lighting, and can reduce the power consumption of lamps. use.

At present, many domestic companies have mastered high-quality hollow glass production technologies, such as Anhui Xiaoxian Dongfang Glass Co., Ltd., can independently develop, produce, process hollow glass, and its products are LOW-E tempered, off-line LOW-E, High-grade LOW-E tempered hollow, filled with gas hollow, common hollow, automobile windshield, building materials used in various types of high, medium and low-grade glass and so on.

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