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  • Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of tempered glass used in windows a...

    Tempered glass is a safety glass. Tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass. In order to increase the strength of glass, chemical or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stress on the glass surface. When the glass receives external force, it first counteracts the stress...
    release time:2018-06-13   The number of clicks:162

  • Spot off-season restricts price trend

    In the first half of July, the period price of glass was dominated by high and narrow oscillations. The main contract of the 1709 period was mostly finished in the 1350-1380 yuan/ton range. On the night of July 18, the bulls made a sudden effort and the glass price rose sharply, breaking through a s...
    release time:2018-06-12   The number of clicks:132

  • Do you know how to cut glass by hand?

    Place the glass on a flat, firm, felt surface, rub the kerosene along the line of the knife, and then straighten the glass knife along the ruler to the end of the knife. Then wipe the kerosene over the knife and use the knife. Evenly hit the glass from the beginning to the end of the knife mark. Scr...
    release time:2018-06-12   The number of clicks:133

  • Glass trend regional differentiation Inventory increase

    This week, the overall trend of the glass spot market was weak. Production and sales of production companies were less than expected. Some manufacturers' inventory continued last week's weakness, and the chain continued to rise. The price was relatively flexible. From a regional point of vie...
    release time:2018-06-12   The number of clicks:119

  • Analysis of Current Situation of Bulletproof Glass Price Quotes

    The compound annual growth rate of the bullet-proof glass market from 2012 to 2016 is approximately 19%. The key factor contributing to this rapid growth is the rapid development of the automobile industry and the acceleration of urbanization. However, the weakness of the construction industry may p...
    release time:2018-06-12   The number of clicks:102

  • Hollow glass energy-saving principle

    There are three types of heat transfer: convection heat transfer, heat transfer, and radiation heat transfer. Convective heat transfer is due to the presence of temperature differences in the gas, resulting in convection of the gas, driving the transfer of energy; heat conduction is the energy trans...
    release time:2018-06-03   The number of clicks:45

  • Glass demand increase is limited, price stability is mainly

    Today, the spot market of glass is stable and the production and sales of production companies have changed little, and the market price has risen up sporadically. Although the current production companies have adopted regional coordination meetings and have turned prices up in a row, the impact on ...
    release time:2018-05-28   The number of clicks:46

  • The advantages of laminated glass

    Means to comply with national standards of laminated glass, tempered glass, and hollow glass made from them. Among these, the overall performance of laminated glass and hollow glass made of laminated glass is the best.In modern houses, the sound insulation effect is good, and it has become one of th...
    release time:2018-05-14   The number of clicks:51

  • Requirements for the use of laminated glass

    Due to its high impact strength and safety of use, laminated glass is suitable for doors, windows, ceilings, floors and partition walls of buildings; skylights of industrial plants; shop windows; kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, private houses, Villas, banks, jewellery stores, post offices, and o...
    release time:2018-05-07   The number of clicks:57

  • Market Analysis of Doors and Windows Industry

    The door and window market continues to develop and improve. More and more consumers are paying attention not only to product price, quality, after-sales service, but also to the brand's popularity and reputation. If the company still stays in the business philosophy of the past seller's mar...
    release time:2018-05-07   The number of clicks:52

  • The impact of the off-season gradually weakened

    The impact of the off-season approached the end, and the downstream demand gradually improved.Since June, with the northern climax of busy agriculture, and the beginning of the southern rainy season, the glass has entered the traditional low season, the downstream demand has gradually weakened, the ...
    release time:2018-05-07   The number of clicks:51

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