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Glass demand increase is limited, price stability is mainly

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Glass demand increase is limited, price stability is mainly

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Today, the spot market of glass is stable and the production and sales of production companies have changed little, and the market price has risen up sporadically. Although the current production companies have adopted regional coordination meetings and have turned prices up in a row, the impact on traders and processing companies has been limited, and there has been no apparent increase in the speed of market withdrawals. On the contrary, the recent increase in production capacity and recovery speed is relatively fast, causing upward pressure on prices to increase in the later period. Especially in East China and North China, the performance is particularly obvious.

Today, the overall trend of the spot market in East China is stable, and the rate of delivery of production companies is normal, and the price has not changed much. Looking at the overall situation of the downstream processing companies in the East China spot market in general, the purchasing speed of glass has not been significantly increased. Although some manufacturers use a variety of reasons such as low inventory to raise the spot price. The actual execution price did not increase significantly. It was basically based on the market atmosphere. The East China spot market has significantly increased its supply capacity. Manufacturers can only hope that traders can increase their shipments to stabilize market prices with a measurable effect. The current traders basically purchase on-demand, do not increase their own inventory, while processing companies are also relatively cautious, and the number of purchases has been limited to a limited increase.

The general trend of the spot market in South China today is not obvious, and there has been no obvious change in the production companies' shipments. Some manufacturers' quotas have risen slightly. The South China Conference held in the previous period was generally performed in a practical manner. Some manufacturers' prices increased, while some manufacturers waited and showed no improvement. At present, the adjustment of market prices is mainly due to the active participation of production enterprises, the attitude of processing companies and traders is normal, and there is little enthusiasm to increase procurement. Exports of production companies in central China are generally limited, and prices of some manufacturers are slightly adjusted.

Today, the general trend of the market in North China is general, and the speed of production enterprises' out of libraries has not changed much and prices are relatively stable. The recent outflow in the Shahe region is normal. Due to the weather changes, the overall outbound moves slightly, and only some manufacturers are able to maintain the balance of production and sales in the current period, and other manufacturers’ stocks have increased slightly. At present, there is still a period of time before the real peak season in the northern region. Production companies are also reluctant to stock up on more glass prematurely, mainly due to the current weather and seasonal factors, and are not suitable for glass storage and transportation. At the same time, the production of the Dejin seven-wire line and the safety five-line resumption of production in the early stage also increased the contradiction between supply and demand to some extent. As a whole, the price of production enterprises is very high, and traders purchase on demand.

In the near future, the overall trend of the southwestern market is weak, and the production companies are generally out of stock, and some manufacturers offer slightly loose. The overall view is mainly based on the increase in production capacity in Guizhou, Yunnan and other regions, resulting in poor delivery of other manufacturers.

Today, the overall trend of the Northeast market is normal. Affected by the price adjustments of some manufacturers, prices of other manufacturers also followed up with a certain extent, and the market responded flatly.

Today, the market trends in the northwestern region are general. There is no obvious increase in the speed of the production enterprises to release the library, and the market price is mainly stable. The current order of processing companies is normal, and the speed of purchasing glass does not change much.

Aftermarket overview:

In the northwest, central China, and southern China regions, market regional coordination meetings are held in turns, with different results. The main reason is that some manufacturers have increased inventories on a chain-on-month basis, resulting in lack of market confidence and a certain degree of promotion for some varieties. Given the current low level of overall inventory of manufacturing enterprises, good profitability of enterprises, and expectations of factors such as the peak season, the short-term adjustment of spot prices is modest, with narrow fluctuations predominating.

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