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Glass curtain wall installation semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall installation method

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Glass curtain wall installation semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall installation method

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In recent years, with the continuous development of urban construction, many urban buildings have adopted glass curtain wall construction methods. The good architectural effects of glass curtain walls have also been recognized by the general public. Below, we will introduce you to the half hidden glass curtain wall installation method!

Glass wall installation vertical hidden glass curtain wall

The first installation method is as follows: glass is pasted on glass frames with vertical grooves on both vertical sides, and vertical frames of glass frames are fixed on the vertical bars of aluminum alloy grid system; Alloy sash troughs are embedded in slots. The bonding of the vertical edges of the glass and the glass frame is performed in a special workshop in the factory, and the surface of the material is clean and the bonding quality is good. The glass frame is transported to the site after the structural adhesive is completely cured, and the bonding quality is guaranteed.

The second method of installation: the coated glass is first fixed in the mosaic groove of the top and bottom aluminum alloy profiles, and a glue slot is formed on the surface of the glass and the vertical bar, and then the structural glue is filled with the glue slot in the site to form the Vertical structure glue glass assembly system. This production method is due to the plastic injection on the spot, the surface of the material is clean and dry, the degree of environmental cleanliness during plastic injection is difficult to be fully ensured, and often the wind load is required before the structural glue is not cured, which affects the adhesive strength. It is generally limited to buildings that do not have installation clearances between the building and the aluminum alloy frame system and should not be used unless absolutely necessary.

Glass curtain wall installation hidden vertical glass curtain wall

This system adopts the method of structural glass assembly horizontally, and is vertically fixed with an aluminum alloy glass mosaic. The specific method is to bond the glass to the glass frame with the mounting grooves on the upper and lower sides. The upper frame of the glass frame is supported on the cross beam of the aluminum alloy sash system, and the lower frame is fixed on the lower beam with the fixed plate, and the vertical edge The plate is fixed on the lower beam, and the vertical edge is fixed with a pressure plate in the glass insert of the vertical bar to form a long strip of glass from the top to the bottom. It is not possible to stick plastic on site and not allow plastic injection on site.

Another method of installing the half-curtain glass curtain wall is to add a pressure plate on the horizontal or vertical edge of the full-hiding glass curtain wall to form a semi-hidden frame curtain wall with horizontal or vertical edges. In other words, the full hidden glass curtain wall made a half hidden frame effect. This platen is not only a horizontal or vertical molding, but also has a second fixation of the glass, which enhances the sense of security. At the same time, it can also change the shape and color of the platen to increase the color of the pattern.

The above is the installation method of the semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall we introduced for you. This kind of glass curtain wall is between the hidden frame glass curtain wall and the bright frame glass curtain wall. It has better visual effects and is also better in terms of safety. which performed. This requires the installation of glass curtain walls to be operated strictly in accordance with the installation standards. With the advent of glass curtain wall LED displays, the commercial value of this new type of advertising carrier for glass curtain walls has been developed. Its high permeability, green energy-saving performance is well received by advertising companies and lighting companies, and its future The development potential is limitless.

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