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  • Do you know the difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass?

    As people's requirements for life become higher and higher, tempered glass comes into being and appears in different corners of life: glass of windows and doors in homes, auto glass, etc. are all used tempered glass, that is, tempered glass and ordinary glass. Where is the difference? What are t...
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  • Exploring the fire treatment of glass curtain wall

    1 Fire characteristics of glass curtain wallsFirst of all, if the construction of glass curtain walls is unreasonable or if there are problems with the design of fire protection, once a fire breaks out, it will easily spread in both horizontal and vertical directions. Generally referred to as glass ...
    release time:2018-06-03   The number of clicks:33

  • What is the difference between a glass curtain wall and aluminum alloy doors...

    Glass curtain wall, also known as building curtain wall, curtain wall, is a kind of façade frequently used in modern architecture. It is generally composed of metal, glass, stone and artificial board. It is installed on the outermost layer of the building and acts like a wall. Beautiful, windproof,...
    release time:2018-05-07   The number of clicks:26

  • Analysis of the National Glass Market Operation in the First Half of the Yea...

    In the first half of this year, the operation of the float glass market was generally stable, and the price increased steadily. At the end of June, the average price of float glass in the country was 1,540.06 yuan per ton, an increase of 25.36% year-on-year, and a slight increase of 1.82% from the e...
    release time:2018-04-02   The number of clicks:34

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