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Do you know the production cost of insulating glass?

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Do you know the production cost of insulating glass?

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Insulating glass has been widely applied to building materials and various applications, but many people may not know how much it costs to produce insulating glass. How much profit does this have? What can the automatic hollow glass production line equipment do for us? I will tell you about the cost of insulating glass today.

The main raw materials of insulating glass: glass, aluminum spacers, molecular sieves, two-component AB glue, children's rubber, pins.

The main expenses are: rent, labor, electricity, and material consumption.

1. Glass is calculated based on the price of mid-range glass, 12.5 yuan per square meter, then the price of two pieces of glass is 25 yuan.

2, aluminum spacer is 160 yuan a pack, a pack of 90, a 6 meters long, then you can calculate the price of a square meter aluminum spacer is 0.3 yuan, then a square meter with 0.3 yuan * 4 is 1.2 yuan.

3, molecular sieve is 3-5 yuan a kilogram, then take a mid-range 4 yuan a kilogram, a square meter of insulating glass requires 0.3 yuan molecular sieve.

4, the price of two-component AB glue is 8-10 yuan per kilogram, then one square meter needs 5 yuan AB glue.

5, the price of children's rubber is 12-14 yuan per kilogram, one square meter of insulating glass can consume 0.2 yuan of rubber.

6, the pin, the rent, labor costs, material loss is more than 3 yuan. Therefore, the cost of a square meter of insulating glass is: 25 +1.2 + 0.3 + 5 + 0.2 + 5 = 34.7 yuan.

According to the sales price of insulating glass is about 45 yuan, then the profit of one square meter of insulating glass is 11.3 yuan.

In addition, due to the difference in thickness of the glass, the width of the aluminum spacers, and the amount of molecular sieve filling, the price of the sealant is different.

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